Presentation Day

Ok sorry to jump a little bit, but on the 3rd of December we had our group presentations in front of the class including guest attendees Daniel Bryce. It was showing briefly what we had accomplished at that point in time.

So it was missing a few things like sound and music. We ended up cutting a few scenes as we were getting some spiking issues with fireflies. It is definitely a beta version of our final product but here are some screenies from the presentation.


AiE: Industry Night

At the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Sydney, we were lucky enough to be invited to showcase our project alongside the 2nd year students. Industry night is where the 2nd year students usually showcase their own work in front of current industry professionals from such companies as Animal Logic and Plastic Wax. We were only told a few hours prior to the start time so we were definitely feeling the pump to get something up to show.

It was a great learning experience for the three of us who were able to attend as it was our first time just merely talking to industry professionals.

We did not have any business cards ready, so I put together a large group card that was displayed on a monitor next to our showcase.


Production Meeting Minutes

Catching up on our production meetings which started on the 4th of November (commencement date).

  • Damien suggested the WD short film competition as a potential project
  • Group sought advice from Oliver Cook to see what theme we would be allocated, he chose “Artificial Intelligence” as theme
  • Group roles discussed
  • Divided areas for people to look into. Eg. character, repair arms and environment concepting, storyboarding, script writer, modelling and texturing.
  • Discussing the direction of the story
  • ○ Battle robot (possibly Egyptian inspired armouring?)
  • ○ futuristic scenario
  • ○ one room, assembly area
  • ○ inspirations: StarCraft II trailer, “Kara” PS3 demonstration video


  • Brad and Damien presented their initial concepts for the robot model
  • Group made suggestions and decided on an amalgamation of two designs (heavy shoulders, narrow waist, large feet, gattling gun for right arm)


  • Group discussed concerns about direction and goal of project
  • Tristian and Ken compared notes on storyboard and pre-vis, decided on shots
  • Group decided on key ‘moments’ needed to convey story
    ○ attaching a limb
    ○ screwing on an armour plate
    ○ loading ammunition/gun
    ○ final facial close-up


  • Group presented work completed over the weekend
  • ○ Tristian showed animatic with sound, sparks demo
  • ○ Brad showed ‘kit bashing’ models
  • ○ Damien showed early Zbrush sculpt


  • Oliver and Kim requested a status report on how much progress we had made
    ○ Modelling was deemed almost complete
    ○ Damien’s zbrush sculpt needed retopology work that would take more time
    than first anticipated
    ○ It was estimated we were about a day behind schedule


  • At the end of the third week of production Oliver and Kim wanted to know if we
    would be able to submit on time
    ○ Textures were mostly complete
    ○ Rigs had been finished
    ○ Animation, lighting and dynamics still needed a lot of work
  • We ended up asking for an extension through Jeff and were granted the ability to
    work into post-production week

Slumber Party!

Brad and I headed over to Damien’s house to have a mad Group 3D sesh and smash out some texturing and animation. I had to re-map all of the UV’s for the top and bottom repair arms and made sure that I did so prior to the meet up. Little did I realise that I am such a n00b at UV’s and didn’t use the checker box for any of them so they had to be resized upon arrival.

So… here we are 2 hours into the group session and still going with UV’s… Wow, what a pain these have been. Issues are initially trying to transfer the UV’s to the same objects but in different files as of the reference system and forgetting the dreaded ‘Delete History’ button and then it spazzes out and the saved file becomes corrupted. Mmm… UV’s are fun.

Another 4 hours later at 4am… what?!? Still going with UV’s. Now we’re trying to re-UV the repair arms rather then just reposition them… this calls for a Maccas run.

With our stomachs now satisfied and our coffee cups refilled (for the nth time) we can refocus… on UV’s..

Honestly the next couple of hours were a bit of a blur but somehow we managed to pull through and get them done. It was about 8am in the morning until Damien decides to be the first to pull out and sleep.. He’s out for a good 2 hours until he gets back up. Then Brad decides it’s his turn at 10am and I couldn’t help but think about how comfortable that bed looks. I set up an AO pass one of the repair arms and lay down to rest my eyes.

time to UV

Asset List

We created a Google docs spreadsheet for everyone to access the asset list. Logically it had to be divided up into a more appropriate categories.

Asset Categories

Character Interior | Character Exterior | Environment | Props

The Character interior consisted was created based on the panels of the exterior but had contrasting properties of wires and cabling, pistons, engines, etc.

The Character exterior consisted of mainly panels inspired by vehicular designs (Lamborghini).

The Environment was divided up into the room core, room shell and hallway.

The Props were mainly just the repair arms and were then divided into top and bottom arms and then the top concoction to hold the top arms.