Sparks and Dynamics

If I may say, messing around with dynamics is both fun & tedious!

I was actually struggling quite a bit yesterday with sparks but today I’m finally getting out some test render and I think they are somewhat getting there. With a little more tweaking I think they will fit in quite well with the shots. But only time will tell if we can get them out quick enough.

sparks_test_01 sparks_test_02

The other issue with sparks is that they weren’t actually looking like sparks. And trying to do this without reference was quite hard so this video helped quite a bit with the timing and colour.



We decided we needed a few storyboards so we could get a few different versions and figure out which is the most appropriate direction to take this in.

Both Tristian and myself (Kendrick) worked on story boarding.



Then we collaborated for an animatic…

Asset List

We created a Google docs spreadsheet for everyone to access the asset list. Logically it had to be divided up into a more appropriate categories.

Asset Categories

Character Interior | Character Exterior | Environment | Props

The Character interior consisted was created based on the panels of the exterior but had contrasting properties of wires and cabling, pistons, engines, etc.

The Character exterior consisted of mainly panels inspired by vehicular designs (Lamborghini).

The Environment was divided up into the room core, room shell and hallway.

The Props were mainly just the repair arms and were then divided into top and bottom arms and then the top concoction to hold the top arms.

Defining the Concept

So for the sake of stating the obvious, it began with robots!

We set up mood boards for ourselves to get the right feel and to get everyone on the same page for the project. We wanted to also achieve a good direction of lighting so we could see what were going to be the important shots of the scene. What are the areas that need to be highlighted? What are the areas we can prioritize higher and lower to leave on a contingency plan?

The Character – As we had Damien and Brad dedicated to our character concepts (after deciding on a general look and feel) they each dedicated their focus onto different parts of the character. Damien focused on the exterior panels whilst Brad focused on the interior ‘rigging’ of the character.

The Environment – I had an image in my mind of how the environment was going to look and decided to grey box it out first to get general size and space.

The Repair Arms – Knowing that the repair arms were going to be the main movements / animated moving parts in the scene, I knew that these had to not only look as if they could move correctly but actually move correctly. Also, analysing the purpose of each repair arm affected the design of each arm.

Referencing – We acknowledged that not every idea is original and that referencing different styles was vital to the success of our animated short. In hind site (personally) I didn’t reference enough and link my designs of the repair arms enough to the character. We had a few main inspirational animated shorts to reference such as the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty trailer and Kara.