About Black Faction

Hey guys! Just thought I’d finally start up a blog and catch you all up on what my team (Black Faction) and I have been unto. Before I get into it though I’ll give you a little history on how we’ve gotten to where we are now.

We are a team of 5, all students currently partaking in the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media 2013 (intensive) at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. As we approached our end of year final projects we noticed that a WD (Western Digital) competition was running, Project Sci-Fi. We read more about this competition and knew that we were unable to complete a 5-10 minute short film in the required 28 days though synced up the project to complete a 30-60 promo which was also a requirement. We were fortunate enough that the dates of the competition were closely matched to the submission date for our final project and were allowed to cater for both.

The theme we were given for the competition was Robots. So our concept idea was to create a scene with a battle damaged robot that is being repaired by machinery. The story which is a little vague at the moment was to portray the idea that there is an unknown enemy out there that is threatening human civilisation and that the humans have turned to robot technology (mech-type creations) to protect and defend. As we view the robot we understand that this unknown enemy is very dangerous and is quite capable of wiping out the human race. To the end of the promo we see an Artificial Intelligence chip inserted into the robot that then activates.

The crew:-



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