On the home stretch…

Wow, what a sleepless few weeks it has been. With only a few days to go until submission we have still quite a few things to cover and are still feeling under the pump.

After re-rendering shot04 (calf) I noticed that my animation still needed fixing.. what?!? I thought I totally fixed this but I was wrong. The re-re fix however is quite quick and easy to do, however the actual rendering part.. wow, it’s taking its toll on us. The servers have crashed on us twice during the re-render stage and have lost many hours due to it. Time is definitely of the essence but hopefully we’ll still manage to get the renders out.

Sound.. where has this been? The plan for sound and music was to be achieved by one of Brads friends who has also been feeling the pressure as we kept changing the shots to make the timing fit better. We have currently set a deadline by Thursday to get this done and hopefully we will still have enough time to edit if necessary.

What has Damien been unto? Don’t ask, I can feel the stress coming off his face hahah. Though in hind site he is still a cool customer and one of the hardest workers I know. He’s currently adding activation lights for when the robot turns on and I must say you guys are in for a treat.

Brads been organising all of the other render passes so we can gain more control in comp. The passes we are worrying about are an Ambient Occlusion, Motion Vector, Volumetric lighting and shadow pass.

As for myself, apart from trying to keep this blog unto date I have taken over Dynamic duties to attempt the sparks in our scene. Reason being is that shot 04 has been reanimated and so the sparks won’t match up exactly how we planed.. I will try get out some renders of sparks for shot 04 and 02 and hopefully it can been done quickly enough. Otherwise it will just have to be cut unfortunately.


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