Production Meeting Minutes

Catching up on our production meetings which started on the 4th of November (commencement date).

  • Damien suggested the WD short film competition as a potential project
  • Group sought advice from Oliver Cook to see what theme we would be allocated, he chose “Artificial Intelligence” as theme
  • Group roles discussed
  • Divided areas for people to look into. Eg. character, repair arms and environment concepting, storyboarding, script writer, modelling and texturing.
  • Discussing the direction of the story
  • ○ Battle robot (possibly Egyptian inspired armouring?)
  • ○ futuristic scenario
  • ○ one room, assembly area
  • ○ inspirations: StarCraft II trailer, “Kara” PS3 demonstration video


  • Brad and Damien presented their initial concepts for the robot model
  • Group made suggestions and decided on an amalgamation of two designs (heavy shoulders, narrow waist, large feet, gattling gun for right arm)


  • Group discussed concerns about direction and goal of project
  • Tristian and Ken compared notes on storyboard and pre-vis, decided on shots
  • Group decided on key ‘moments’ needed to convey story
    ○ attaching a limb
    ○ screwing on an armour plate
    ○ loading ammunition/gun
    ○ final facial close-up


  • Group presented work completed over the weekend
  • ○ Tristian showed animatic with sound, sparks demo
  • ○ Brad showed ‘kit bashing’ models
  • ○ Damien showed early Zbrush sculpt


  • Oliver and Kim requested a status report on how much progress we had made
    ○ Modelling was deemed almost complete
    ○ Damien’s zbrush sculpt needed retopology work that would take more time
    than first anticipated
    ○ It was estimated we were about a day behind schedule


  • At the end of the third week of production Oliver and Kim wanted to know if we
    would be able to submit on time
    ○ Textures were mostly complete
    ○ Rigs had been finished
    ○ Animation, lighting and dynamics still needed a lot of work
  • We ended up asking for an extension through Jeff and were granted the ability to
    work into post-production week

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